To get your driver’s license, it is not enough to just correctly drive a car. You also need to have solid knowledge of the traffic rules. So, before passing your driver’s test, you need to pass the car driving theory test successfully. This is taken by CBR ( Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen ). It just so happens that their office is in the same street as the building of Logical Theory. Isn’t it convenient, to practice your theory exam at our place in Amsterdam Sloterdijk and to do the theory course with the content of the lessons still fresh in your memory.

A good preparation

A good preparation is very important. That is why we send you homework as soon as you have signed up for our course car theory in Amsterdam. You might find it useful to go through the homework before the start of the theory course, for having the basic rules already in your head. In our opinion, the effectiveness of a proper and solid course with a logical structure and content is much higher than a course that promises you all the theory in your head within one or two hours. Chances are big that only very little remains of that. During the exam your head might spin around and even the simplest questions could make you doubt and fill in the wrong answer. That is not very efficient, because you definitely are not going to succeed and it will cost you money again to do the exam twice or more.

Een goede voorbereiding op het CBR theorie examen

Theory course in different languages

Theorie Cursus in verschillende talen

When doing theory exam in Amsterdam, you may not be a native Dutch speaker. Amsterdam is an international melting pot of nationalities. Because of that, Logical Theory focusses on candidates for whom Dutch is not the mother tongue. That is why we offer the course for the CBR theory exam in Amsterdam Sloterdijk in four different languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Farsi


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